Why choosing the best dental tech can make practices more agile and productive?

You are in the middle of a procedure, you need an immediate image generated and your assistant tells you, our printer will need a minute (figuratively) to generate one. This common but frustrating scenario happens more often than not in practices and while some might find it acceptable, we believe this could and should be better. 

New and improved dental technology is being created and updated regularly. As a dentist you might find it tasking to keep up with the prevailing trends and end up asking yourself, ‘Do I need this? after all my current machinery is getting the job done fine.’ So why do you need to keep your dental tech updated? 

Improved productivity. 

When your practice has reliable and up-to-date machinery and software you get faster turnovers on tasks. Newer technology is easier to use so your team can perform tasks faster and get better results. This improved timekeeping means your practice has a high level of productivity and higher volumes of patients flowing through your practice daily.

Better diagnosis and solutions. 

With improved technology comes more improves imaging and solutions for your patients. The dreaded dental visit is made less and less intimidating as you will offer a better experience for your patients than what is offered by your competitors. 

Better patient retention.

Better dental technology means better practice turnover with equals to happier patients. When the patient is happy it means better referrals and improved patient retention and growth for your practice. This is a clear testament to the fact that improving your dental tech goes beyond simply giving your practice better equipment it affects just how well your practice is perceived by your patients. 

Make your practice more agile. 

To grow your practice, you need an adaptive structure that is able to rise to any patients needs without delay. Given there are a number of processes that work, but improvements in technology have been tailor-made to meet the ever-growing demands of today’s fast-paced environment.  

Will this cost you? 

Whenever the words upgrade and technology are put together the first worry to come to mind is cost. We are here to tell you that it is not anywhere close to how bad you think it is. Companies like SimbaSupport offer affordable dental tech that is current, agile and easy to maintain. With a number of brands to choose from SimbaSupport has the right tool for your practice every need. 

That’s not all they offer tech support and after purchase service for your purchase which means as your tech needs grow you know you will have a partner that will make sure you have the very best in your practice at all times. 


Dental technology is a worthwhile investment, but like any investment, there is a need to make sure you pick the right partner for your practice. You need to pick the tools that best work for your practice needs and growth. 

SimbaSupport is a leading Texas-based outsourcing company that provides virtual assistants and administrative support for dental practices. Moreover, we provide both short and long-term virtual outsourcing services customized to suit your business process needs.

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